With a year round rainy season in West Chase, electricity can sometimes be a tricky hindrance. However, working with electricity is a risky and dangerous thing to do and should really not be attempted by anyone without an electrician with proper skills and training. If you feel like you can do it yourself, here are some useful tips to help you do it safely:

Turn it off!

A big thing to remember, before you start poking around sockets with screwdrivers, is to always turn the power off. Once there is no power coming from the circuit you may proceed to work on that circuit or device.
How do you know for sure if the power is disconnected? This can be done by testing your panels or devices. With a non-contact voltage detector, simply hold the device by the exposed wires and it will tell you if it’s safe to touch it.

What should you wear?

Working with electricity requires a certain dress code mastered by electricians to insure safety; some of these things include:

  • Safety Glasses- The glasses will protect your eyes from dust and other debris whenever you’re sawing, drilling, or even cutting wires.
  • Rubber-soled shoes- Having a pair of good rubber shoes/boots would potentially keep you from experiencing the shock of an electrical current of your West Chase home.
  • Gloves- Protecting your hands are very important because they are at the most risk when working with electricity. Gloves can protect you from sharp wire or edges and even from high voltage shocks.
  • Dust masks- This is a precaution for any type of construction. This just helps to prevent you from inhaling any dust or any other type of debris.
  • When in doubt, don’t do it!

    Whenever you are working with electricity, you should either be 200% confident in your ability, or you should be calling a professional electrician. At LEW Electrical Services, our experts have the knowledge and the experience to keep your home safe. If you need the help of local West Chase electricians in your home, call us today at (813) 630-2698. We service clients throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Lakeland, Brandon, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and surrounding Central Florida areas.