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Apart from selling residential generators near me, our company also performs other duties to ensure that nearby residents have access to power supply. We strive to offer quality services, including permanent standby generator installation, maintenance and repair, diagnostic services, and load banking tests. It is also our duty to distribute a generator, correct power factor, and offer surge protection. Whenever homeowners need these services, they should not hesitate to call us for professional help.

Lew Electrical Services LLC is a firm that knows the power of using a generator at home. They ensure we connect even rural homes to power. The incredible aspect about our company is how it gets equipped with reliable and useful tools used to repair, install, and replace a generator. We also boast of our experienced team members who have the technical ability to install and restore various generator models. Our call line is open for our customers for 24 hours. That means we help residents at any time.

We have the power to handle all power supply projects in Central Florida and other regions. Generator installation in Tampa is our core responsibility as a reliable company. For years, we have installed these machines in many homesteads to improve their power supply. Customers can contact us through our phone line or email us for trusted services.

If a homeowner needs an affordable generator to supply reliable power, we can assist them at a considerable rate. We always put the power supply needs of our clients at heart. Therefore, we focus on service delivery, then money comes last. Depending on the client location and the generator installed or repaired, we will always charge an amount that is within your budget.