A good number of businesses operate from a warehouse. Within such buildings, installing appropriate lighting is crucial to ensuring a safe and easy-to-navigate environment. Unlike other forms of commercial structures, it is essential to be extra clever when creating your lighting plan. We are the best commercial electrical contractors in Tampa and can help you find effective green solutions for your warehouse.

There are several key aspects you must consider to develop an ideal illumination plan. First, take note of your illumination needs. If you have vertical storage, for instance, it may be crucial to install more lighting fixtures if you need bright space. Likewise, different solutions will be necessary if your warehouse has fixed shelves or long aisles.

We have a skilled team of electrical contractors who can assess your space and help you choose a superb lighting plan. We can find the best beam angles depending on the layout of a warehouse. With a proper design, you will not have to worry about dark spots that can pose fall hazards.

It is also essential to take note of natural light exposure. Having skylights and windows can enhance illumination in your warehouse, especially during daylight hours. We will consider how much natural light gets into the structure and choose a design that can help supplement the lighting. Depending on the warehouse layout, we may only need to make slight changes to your lighting design, depending on the proximity of different areas to glass windows and doors.

Another key aspect to consider is your daily operations. The type of labor conducted within the warehouse, your workflow, and even the positioning of your storage can help us choose the right fixtures to install. Moreover, your operations may make it imperative to have more lighting within certain spots to make your workplace safer. Let us analyze your space and needs to help you find the best commercial lighting solutions.