Power outage is a common phenomenon in most cities. There are times when power outage can last for hours leading to loss of millions. For example, in a factory where production machines need to run without any power interruptions, power outages can lead to delayed production, wastage and even machine break-downs. At LEW Electrical, we carry out generator installation in Tampa and boast of having a qualified and skilled workforce.

We have been offering our services since 1975 and our knowledge and experience in the field is unmatched. We have well trained and EGSA certified technicians able and ready to install any type of generator our client might have. We carry out our work professionally and ensure that the whole process is cost efficient.

We have offered our services to commercial businesses successfully and not forgetting industrial businesses. In all our services, we strictly adhere to all the necessary safety measures and we believe in quality work. As a company we have our mission that we abide by in each and every project we undertake.

Our mission is to create long lasting relationship with our clients that is mutually benefiting. To create long-term relationship, our work has to be exemplary, quality has to be maintained and dedication has to be demanded from each team member.

After installation, we offer services such as preventive maintenance to our clients. This maintenance is aimed at ensuring the emergency power system works properly whenever there is power-outage. A dynamo that is not regularly maintained and tested cannot be said to be reliable.

Our major service schedule includes accessory check, comprehensive engine test, ignition system inspection, transfer switch inspection, oil system changes, battery space review, advanced exhaust system review, cooling system check and fuel system check.

Minor service schedule basically involves engine leak check, battery level check and basic oil system check. LEW electrical services guarantee professional generator installation at a reasonable cost.