Electrical work is potentially hazardous. Therefore, even though homeowners choose to do some things around the home themselves, they should let qualified electricians handle anything involving electricity. If you are searing for reliable, efficient and experienced electricians in Tampa, LEW Electrical Services can meet your needs. We seek to provide the highest quality electrical services for our clients.

Our team of courteous and experienced electricians offers prompt and affordable electrical services. We do offer cost-effective and reliable technical assistance that ensures our clients get great value for their money. Our services range from servicing of small electrical devices such as bulb holders to major electrical installations that is general electrical repairs, maintenance and electrical system installation for residential and commercial premises.

We can also assist you with installing security cameras and alarms. Having security cameras and alarm in your property is a priority with the current rise in crime. Our well-equipped team of electricians have proficiency of installing such devices in your premises.

Another thing that LEW Electrical Services can assist you with is rewiring your property. Over the years, electrical systems age and they might not keep up with the demands of modern appliances or electronic equipment. Electrical rewiring involves the process of changing electrical wires and devices like switches, sockets and all types of fittings. Our team has is just a phone call away and ready to offer such services at any time.

Hiring an electrician is also essential when you are remodeling your home. Remodeling projects often involve the demolition of old structures or walls. It is always advisable to involve an experienced electrician to get advice on where electric wires should pass and where to make amendments.

Our team can also help you keep your electrical system in the best condition. We can use advanced techniques and equipment to diagnose electrical faults. An example is thermal imaging, which involves using thermal imaging cameras to detect problems in electrical equipment. Regardless of your electrical needs, LEW Electrical Services is ready to help.