Natural disasters such as hurricanes have repeatedly showcased the need for a backup generator. This is especially the case for businesses with products requiring refrigeration. Lacking backup commercial generators in Tampa businesses can end up losing you thousands of dollars within a short period.

It is vital to buy a backup generator for your manufacturing company or for a critical establishment such as a hospital, in case of a power outage. This is a big investment. Therefore, you need to research this purchase thoroughly.

Even though you may have an idea of how much the back-up generator costs or what brand you want, it is important to look for a reliable seller. LEW Electrical Services is a leading supplier of commercial generators. This company has been in the emergency power business since 1975. Our crew has expertise in selling and servicing this equipment as well as handling it safely.

We assist consumers who want to buy a new device or people who want to repair an existing back-up. We can consult with you to assess your power needs and help you choose. We can recommend a product and appropriate budget.

At LEW Electrical Services, we walk you through purchasing, installation, and transportation. We also give you a guide for the post-installation process from the beginning to the end. We can help you find the generator that suits your needs and budget.

We do not only specialize in selling back-up power but also offer other generator services such as site surveys, required power calculation, and electrical wiring and connection. We also provide routine maintenance services. Our technicians are well trained and have a lot of experience in this field.

If you are looking to buy a back-up generator for your industrial or business operations, do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We can help you with all your commercial generator needs. We have been selling, installing and servicing emergency power equipment for many years.