Here at Lew Electrical Services, we understand how important electricity is to businesses. That is why we not only provide commercial generators for sale in Tampa but we also install them and service them as well. This is to ensure that our customers get only the best products so that they will have a standby electricity source just in case the power goes out one day.

Now, the first question that most clients would ask us is what generators we sell. Now, there are two types that we usually carry and provide to our customers. These two are the portable types which can be brought around and the permanent standby types.

The portable types are usually sold to homes since they can only produce a small amount of electricity for houses although they can be used for home offices and small office units. Just to give an idea, the typical portable generator would produce something of five hundred watts to seventeen kilowatts. For those with a home office or small office unit, this is enough to continue working on computers.

However, the big offices and office buildings may need permanent standby types. These are the types that are attached to the facility itself and can power up the building during a power outage. They can produce all the way up to hundreds of kilowatts powering up big facilities for continuous operations. These generators can be set on automatic mode and will turn on when there is a power outage.

As for the brands that we sell, we have authorized sales and service providers of three big brands, being a State Certified Electrical Contractor. These three brands are GE Zenith Controls, Onan, and Generac. Not only do we have authorized sales representatives, but we are also authorized by these companies to do the installation and to provide maintenance as well as repairs.

When servicing office buildings, we usually do what is known as regular preventive maintenance. This is to ensure that the generator is always in good condition so that it will work smoothly when the power outage would come. We usually do either a full inspection along with full service and maintenance or a minor inspection with just the basic servicing and maintenance.

We fully understand how important a generator is to an office building because business still goes on even during an outage. Of course, losing power means losing work and delaying projects. So in the event that it does happen, a generator will prevent the office building from shutting off electricity by automatically providing reserve energy.