While you can work on various aspects of your home without involving a professional, electrical installation is a different kettle of fish. At LEW Electrical Services LLC, we understand that faulty wiring is a major source of electrical fires. Under the supervision of our licensed and bonded electricians, it is possible to undertake the project in a professional manner. Knowing what you are looking for when hiring a commercial electrician in Tampa can enable you to find a professional that suits your requirements.

We start the wiring process by developing a diagram that shows the various conduits, the location of the breaker box, switches, and outlets. Once we complete the design, we start pulling the cables from upstairs to the basement. By using this tactic, we avoid the prospect of having to use a ladder while pulling the cables. We use longer wires than necessary at each end in case we require to move things around during the installation process.

Having a drawing enables us to drill the wire holes without damaging the water pipes, electrical wires, or ductwork. Remember that you should have as many outlets as possible if you want to improve safety. A breaker box helps you to access the electrical installations in the future and address any problems that might arise. As such, you should locate the breaker box in the utility room or basement that is not prone to flooding.

Our electricians will refer to the drawings while pulling the wires to the outlets. We install the switches at the end of every outlet as per the specifications. For safety purposes, we avoid having wires that jut out of the breaker boxes and outlets. Besides referring to our drawings, we adhere to the manuals that specify the amperage and wattage of all the appliances.

We install the right number of outlets in every circuit to avoid overloading the system with the appliances that have more wattage. Remember that the cookers and fridges in the kitchen have more wattage than the appliances in the living area. We have been working on wiring projects for a long time, meaning that we have the expertise that you require to implement your project without the hassle.

When it comes to laying of cables or undertaking the electrical installation projects, our team of experts will work to your advantage. It is vital to contact us during the early phases of the construction project so that we can install the conduits from the onset. This will ensure you get the best results from your project.