March 1st, 2021

Are you in shortage of power supply at times? Our company can help you to overcome these challenges by installing alternative power systems in your home or company. Generators provide a back-up solution when there is a power failure in any location. Therefore, you can count on us when you require this device to be fitted in your residence or commercial location. This guide will help you to understand more information about our company for backup generator installation in Tampa.

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February 2nd, 2021

Electrical projects can be frustrating when handled poorly. This can demand retrofitting or remodeling an entire building to fix the problem. One is required to look for competent experts for a successful project. Finding the Best Commercial Electrical Contractor requires one to ask the right questions and doing the right research. Below are factors to consider to get the best commercial electrical contractor in Tampa.

The trade electrician should have appropriate licensing and insurance….


January 12th, 2021

Our company has been operating successfully for many years. Thanks to the dedicated work of our employees, their expertise, and continuous improvement, we have a large number of clients across the country. Since 2012, we are among the most respected electrical installation contractors in Tampa.

The constant training of our highly-educated professionals is one of the key elements of success. The application of new technologies and innovative solutions brings significant improvements in all…


December 3rd, 2020

When electricity is down, you might need an alternative source of power for your business operations. We are a trusted company among commercial generator suppliers in Tampa. It has taken years of consistency, integrity, and commitment to get to the level we are today.

As a supplier, we understand the need to maintain a good rapport with our clients and all our prospects. All professionals who work with us in different levels value the people they deal with. This is a healthy way to handle…


November 5th, 2020

Power outage is a common phenomenon in most cities. There are times when power outage can last for hours leading to loss of millions. For example, in a factory where production machines need to run without any power interruptions, power outages can lead to delayed production, wastage and even machine break-downs. At LEW Electrical, we carry out generator installation in Tampa and boast of having a qualified and skilled workforce.

We have been offering our services since 1975 and our…