July 14th, 2021

Are you planning to install a power generator in your home? At LEW Electrical Services LLC, we take pride in our professional services. We build our portfolio around commitment to quality, safety, and reliable services. We offer convenient services to clients in Tampa and surrounding environs. Call us whenever you require our help at (813) 630-2698 for a free quote. In this guide, we discuss important information about our residential generators for sale.

Apart from selling residential…


June 28th, 2021

Are you having problems with your current electrical connection, and you require a standby generator? Lew Electrical Services is a company that focuses on providing long-term electrical solutions to its clients. We use our extensive experience in this field to offer power factor correction, surge protection, and install or repair electrical components. Since 1975, our contractors have operated successfully in the Tampa Bay area and nearby locations providing various generator services. Here…


June 8th, 2021

Businesses rely on a constant power supply to remain productive and prevent significant financial losses. One of the best ways to remain prepared for those unexpected power outages is to invest in a backup commercial generator so you can continue to operate and avoid any costly downtime. Find commercial generators near me with the following tips to help you find the right size generator for your company.

All businesses no matter the industry can benefit from a backup generator in case of a…


May 3rd, 2021

A good number of businesses operate from a warehouse. Within such buildings, installing appropriate lighting is crucial to ensuring a safe and easy-to-navigate environment. Unlike other forms of commercial structures, it is essential to be extra clever when creating your lighting plan. We are the best commercial electrical contractors in Tampa and can help you find effective green solutions for your warehouse.

There are several key aspects you must consider to develop an ideal illumination…


April 1st, 2021

When coming up with a backup plan for electricity whether for your home or offices, clients ought to be aware of the options available in the market. It is vital to get recommendations from friends regarding the best choice to avoid raw deals. This article will shed light on the appropriate commercial generators for sale in St. Petersburg.

Our machines have intuitive controls making it easier for clients to operate. There is also an operating manual that has guidelines on the best way to…