Commercial and industrial businesses that consume high levels of electricity can all benefit from knowledge and implementation of power factor correction. What exactly is power factor and how can LEW Electrical Services, LLC correct it to provide added value to your company?

Power factor is a useful ratio that can indicate operating efficiency of an electrical system. The power factor is made up of two key components: working power and actual power. Working power is how much power is consumed over a given time to carry on daily operations – machines, lighting, etc. Apparent power is how much power is consumed and paid for over a given time. A manufacturing facility can consume 150kVA in apparent power but actually only uses 120 kW to perform its operations. The power factor of that facility is 120/150, or 0.8.

What does this mean? The power factor indicates to what degree the energy being paid for is not being used. The lower the power factor, the less likely an electrical system will be efficient and cost-effective. Companies can adjust the power factor in their facilities through electrical work called power factor correction, allowing for higher levels of efficiency and greater savings.

The expert electrical contractors with LEW Electrical Services provide power factor correction services to companies looking to take advantage of these potential savings. We can improve power factor for an electrical system through the installation of specialized capacitors that reduce the power the system has to draw from its utility provider. In addition, power factor correction allows for an increased capacity for your electrical system, allowing your business to complete more work at prior levels of energy consumption.

If you are interested in learning more about how LEW Electrical Services can reduce your regular energy spend through expert power correction services, contact our team today at 813-630-2698 or submit an inquiry via our web form. LEW Electrical Services assists businesses with power factor correction throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Lakeland, Brandon, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and surrounding Central Florida areas.